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RCIED Jammer - RF Inhibitors

RF Jammers & Inhibitors

At Enterprise Control Systems we supply our customers with a wide range of RF Inhibitors systems. RF Inhibitors or Jammers are electronic counter measures designed to be deployed against remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED's). We have extensive experience in the design of this type of equipment and a proven range of products for Vehicle, Portable and Man Pack applications.

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RF Inhibitors Digital Jamming Systems RF Jammers


Signal Jammer - Remote Control Jammer

The KESTREL is a portable counter measure. It is one of our RF inhibitors which will act as a mobile phone signal jammer to prevent triggering for improvised explosive devices (IED). RF output is 10W making it a very effective RF jammer.

Mobile Jammers - Digital Jamming System

The GRIFFIN vehicle mounted digital jamming system is a powerful & sophisticated, system designed specifically for vehicle mounted use to protect VIPs from possible radio controlled bomb devices. The Griffin transmits extremely powerful mobile jamming signals covering various frequencies. This will cause all nearby receivers and transmitters to either become inactive or to activate prematurely at a safe distance from the target. It is a very effective mobile jammer system.

Police, Military, Government - Jammers

We supply our customers with a wide range of jammers and jamming equipment. Our product range includes completely digital and highly flexible phone jammer UK. For example, fully adjustable communication windows can be programmed into the hand-held controller and the signal output power can be concentrated into particular spot frequencies if required.

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