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Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance Solutions

Enterprise Control Systems specialise in providing microwave video surveillance links for maritime surveillance and piracy prevention. The solutions we offer are fully encrypted, high quality and low latency, with excellent real time audio and video capabilities. Through use of a robust COFDM link when at sea, we ensure situation awareness is possible at all times. Commanders of any level can be assured of good security and protection. Equipment which is supplied by ECS increases the probability of success during operations and missions which are of high importance and value.

Our maritime solutions are fundamental in the prevention of piracy. Ship to shore links help with port protection they are used by coast guards and enforcement patrol. Detection is key in being able to prevent malicious activity, especially when it is being concealed, and the solutions provided by ECS give you the power to monitor and observe using a number of platforms.

Integrated Maritime Surveillance Technology

At ECS, we have the knowledge to design and produce systems that work. Our engineering techniques and knowledge are second-to-none and our high level security products are known in the industry for their durability, quality and accuracy. We understand the importance of equipment performance, and we know that it can be critical to the success of a mission.

We have developed specialist COFDM data links which are fully suited to military and internal security operations. Our team of expert microwave communication system engineers have built the systems which we use, and will be able to give complete and thorough advice regarding implementation. We make provisions for both fixed and mobile networks.

Complete integration across platforms is available, and our ship-borne digital receiver equipment is compatible with COFDM airborne downlinks to allow for collaboration between sea and air assets.

Microwave video surveillance links for maritime situation awareness can be used with these platforms:

Many maritime security operations can be strengthened through the use of microwave links. We are able to provide dual channel uplink/ downlinks, single and dual video, audio and data transmission links, robust RF microwave links, multicast transmission links and fully encrypted, secure links.

Maritime Surveillance for Protection and Security

Surveillance is integral in providing maritime protection and security, as well as preventing piracy. With our experience and understanding of surveillance and the benefits which it can bring, ECS are your perfect system providers. We are at the forefront of developments in maritime surveillance technology and have supplied to the Ministry of Defence, Security Services and Police forces in the UK, as well as to over 40 specialist military and government departments across the world.

In an industry which deals with such important processes and procedures, its more important than ever for you to use surveillance equipment manufactured by experts which is fit for purpose. ECS are military and maritime specialists, so you can rely on us to design and produce the right COFDM data links for your requirements.

If you choose to become a customer, we have a dedicated customer support team who can help with all enquiries. If youd like to ask us any questions beforehand, telephone 01327 861950, email sales@enterprisecontrol.co.uk or fill in our online contact form.