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RF Inhibitors 

Intelligent Protection
The ability to counter terrorist threats and to provide communication security continues to be one of the highest global priorities. Remote Controlled IEDs and the proliferation of mobile communications mean that RF inhibitors are in much demand by security, police, paramilitary, military and commercial users.  By using accurate threat analysis with the very latest technology, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) can provide a genuine counter to the most demanding threats.  The engineering team combines some of the most experienced individuals in RF engineering, software development and mechanical design, all factors important in the design of RF Inhibitors. A developed graduate training programme ensures a constant input of new talent with the keenness to be amongst the best.
The success of Enterprise Control Systems Ltd is attributable to the ability to design all products in-house with emphasis on long-term reliability through proven quality management processes. One third of the company is dedicated to product development, ensuring that Enterprise Control Systems Ltd consistently produces leading designs and is able to react quickly to changing threats.

ECS has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of RF inhibitors (RF Jammers) and is able to offer Digital Jamming Systems technology solutions as countermeasures against Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). The employment of RCIEDs has proliferated around the world in recent years and ECS systems have been succesfully employed in a number of operational theatres. The range of RCIED Jammers includes man-portable units to cover cell phone networks and full band portable and vehicle–mounted systems. The latter includes antenna configurations that can be discreetly mounted in vehicles for mobile deployment. ECS can also offer full vehicle integration services in our specialised Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Chamber. Vehicle integration services include bespoke antenna design to optimise coverage against a particular threat. Applications include Force and VIP Protection, military personnel and counter improvised explosive device operations.

Having effective Inhibition systems and hardware is only part of the equation to protect your people and assets. Understanding the threat environment in which you are likely to be operating is equally important. ECS can offer a service to analyse the threat and to optimise the counters and waveforms built into our Inhibitor systems.

We have recently come together with two other leading British companies operating in the Defence and Security sector to address the very real and proliferating concerns regarding the malicious use of commercially available Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones. The AUDS Team is delivering a complete Smart Sensor and Effector package to Detect, Track and Disrupt potentially malicious UAVs with a measured response. Click here to learn more about our AUDS Anti-UAV Defence System.
The highly experienced ECS Customer Support Team also offer training packages for system operators and for basic maintenance and will offer advice on procedures based on real world operational knowledge. Our team can provide training packages at our facility in the UK or at the customer’s location.
All RF inhibitor sales are subject to export licence control.


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