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Enterprise Control System
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Read our press releases; AUDS Counter-drone System Enhanced for Vehicle Deployment and to Defeat Swarm Attacks and  "AUDS Counter-drone System First to Achieve TRL-9 Status Following Successful Deployment with US Forces".

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Read about AUDS in the Mail on Sunday, the London Evening Standard and on the BBC News website or for further information please read our AUDS Factsheet or email us: auds@enterprisecontrol.co.uk 

Listen to Mark Radford from Blighter Surveillance - AUDS Interview on BBC World Service - 28th April 2016  

World's First, Fully Integrated Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS)
 Features Quad Band RF Inhibitor and Optical Disruptor
First Anti-drone System to Achieve TRL-9 Status
  • All British AUDS team - Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems - adds new capability to production version of counter UAV/drone system following extensive Government sponsored spring/summer trials
  • New features include a fourth inhibitor band, an optical disruptor and additional modularity for ease of deployment; AUDS is designed to detect, track classify and disrupt the growing threat of malicious UAVs at ranges of up to 8km/5 miles. 
ECS has teamed up with Blighter Surveillance Systems and Chess Dynamics Ltd to develop and produce the Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS).
Blighter Surveillance Systems has many years of operational experience with advanced surveillance radar systems and provides the Blighter A400 Series Air Security Radar to Detect potential UAVs at range in all weather conditions.
Chess Dynamics brings an advanced, operationally proven, EO/IR camera system with state of the art video tracking technology. This system allows an operator in the loop to identify the potentally malicious UAV and to Track the target, day or night.
Enterprise Control Systems has over 20 years of operational experience of RF Electronic Countermeasure Systems and advanced Data Links. This combined expertise has been brought to bear in the AUDS Directional Jammer which is employed to selectively Disrupt various C2 links employed by the UAV.                                                                                          
The combined expertise and experience of the AUDS Team is delivering a complete Smart Sensor and Effector package to Detect, Track and Disrupt potentially malicious UAVs with a measured response. 
AUDS has been designed, developed and built in the United Kingdom using British technology, components and expertise.
For further information on AUDS or any of our product range, please contact us on 01327 861950 or complete our Contact Form and a member of our Business Development Team will get back to you shortly. 
The official AUDS website can be viewed at www.auds.com.


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