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From borders to theatres of operations, and urban landscapes to wide-open spaces, TCI technology empowers customers to monitor, analyse and manage the RF spectrum. TCI solutions provide spectrum monitoring, direction finding (DF) and communications intelligence (COMINT system) capabilities. TCI’s leading-edge geolocation solutions include triangulated Angle of Arrival (AOA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and hybrid systems that leverage both technologies. And TCI drone detection system capabilities employ geolocation and sophisticated signal processing to detect and locate both drones and their controllers. Selected for use in more than 100 countries around the world, TCI products are supported by a global network of service, installation, and training services.

As the spectrum becomes increasingly crowded, TCI ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring systems are putting highly effective and versatile tools in the hands of agencies responsible for regulation and protection. Users of TCI spectrum monitoring systems benefit from advanced hardware and software technologies that maximize performance in TCI digital signal processing products. Equipped with TCI’s user-friendly Scorpio™ client software with Automatic Violation Detection and comprehensive reporting capabilities, TCI’s CSMS systems are best-value solutions engineered to combine the highest level of performance with the greatest ease of operation and lowest total cost of ownership.

Designed for the harsh environment of combat conditions, TCI signals intelligence systems integrate powerful capabilities into compact solutions. On the ground, at sea or in the air, TCI products work together to help personnel detect, collect, analyse, and locate RF signals with speed and precision — to command the electromagnetic environment. Blackbird offers comprehensive automation based on user-defined search criteria, as well as Lookback Collection to browse or search back in time and extract IQ data for a signal of interest without interrupting recording.

TCI antenna systems embody years of experience in RF systems design and production techniques. Broadcasters rely on TCI for optimised HF and MF solutions that minimize operating costs. Ground-air, ship-shore, GMDSS and military communications use TCI antennas tailored for a variety of power ratings. In an electromagnetic environment that grows more challenging every year, TCI continues to lead with innovations that give operators greater effectiveness and agility across the spectrum.


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