Designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of encrypted COFDM video and Data Links optimised for Military security use in hostile environments, our downlinks are fully approved on military and police air platforms and include NATO codification. Military security demands high capacity, secure and robust data links to deliver the multiple, high definition real time images available from the sensors of modern surveillance platforms. Range requirements vary from tactical assets needing only 4-5 km through to long-range patrol surveillance systems demanding a much greater capability.


The Situation Awareness provided by the Video Surveillance, Mobile Surveillance and Wireless Surveillance Systems supplied by ECS has become a key tool in the preparation and implementation of engagement and, as such, acts as a force multiplier in many situations.  Having successfully developed a Full Motion Video (FMV) secure microwave link, the company has taken the challenge to develop not only a High Definition (HD) broadcast-quality microwave link using high grade encryption, but also raising the bar further by successfully providing true end-to-end data networking.

Border Control

Tactical Data Links are used to enable real-time data sharing between different agencies involved in border security. ECS understands the requirements needed for Border Security. Our equipment allows high quality imagery (up to a 4K) and video transmission over long distances and real-time situational awareness. Our Tactical Data Links are used to share data between border security forces, including data from radar and other sensors, as well as video from drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Search and Rescue

Within Search and Rescue, our equipment provides secure, high band-width communications between search assets, allowing for real-time data exchange and coordination. We also supply real-time video feeds from search aircraft or UAVs, which provides valuable visual information to search teams on the ground. An example of this is the location of search targets and hazards.

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