Legacy Systems

Antenna Control Unit (ACU)

Developed to control a Multi-Sector Antenna (MSA) and interface with a Video Link Diversity Receiver (VLDR).

COFDM SD Downlink System

The digital Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) Standard Definition (SD) Downlink equipment is designed to comply with Home Office MG42C, DVB-T and MPEG2 specifications.

COFDM SD Base Station System

The Standard Definition (SD) COFDM Diversity Base Station System consists of an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), an Active Multi Switched-Sector Antenna (MSA), a single omnidirectional antenna, a Video Link Digital Receiver (VLDR) and a Low Noise Block downconverter (LNB).

Base Station Receiver System

The Base Station Receiver System consists of three main parts: COFDM Active Switch Sector Antenna (MSA), COFDM Base Station Briefcase Receiver, and COFDM Portable Antenna Control Unit (ACU).

System Control Unit

The System Control Unit (Night Vision Goggles) (SCU NVG) has been designed for airframe use with the downlink Video Encoder Modulator (VEM2) and the uplink Video Link Diversity Receiver-IF-28 (VLDR-IF-28) equipment.

Briefcase Receiver

The digital Briefcase Receiver has been specifically designed for mobile reception of Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) transmission from either ground or airframe-based transmitters. The equipment is rugged, reliable and proven in the field.

COFDM HD Downlink System

A single COFDM HD downlink system is capable of transmitting both HD and Standard Definition (SD) video. 1 HD channel, 1 HD and 1 SD channel or 2 SD channels may be transmitted simultaneously depending on compression rate and link distance.

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