Air Data Terminals

Evenlode Air Data Terminal Equipment

Evenlode is a modular, lightweight transceiver based on six distinct modules: transceiver, upconverter, 10 W Radio Frequency (RF) amplifier, heat exchange, power supply module and video/audio encoder. These six modules together with antennas, output transmission isolation filter and receive Low Noise Block downconverters make up a complete Evenlode system. The system has integrated Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit (subject to export license) or Substitution Cipher Encryption. The uplink receiver and downlink transmitter are contained in a single transceiver module.

Flexibility with Customisation

Since video down links were first introduced, customers deploying COFDM based systems as the underlying technology, have demanded increased customisation and functionality.

Lightweight and Long Range

ECS has adapted its Evenlode product family to suit the evolution of air platforms such as helicopters which, require video down links to be ever smaller, lighter and consume less power, whilst increasing range and capability.

Low Cost, High Result

ECS has adopted and developed COFDM as its underlying technology for its downlinks, as the technology offers extendable range, sufficient bandwidth for Military and Security operations, whilst still offering a low operational cost solution from its aircraft-based Air Data Terminal.

Carefully Designed and Developed

The product and system design process within ECS has been developed in line with industry and military standards and the Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS).

Company Compatibility

ECS can also work with aerospace design and installation companies who retrofit the Evenlode Air Data Terminal to clients existing airframes if required.


Data Terminal is a transceiver with uplink/downlink capability and can also be used to extend the range of the downlink via a relay system.

Data Terminal is a multi-channel Data Link, carrying bi-directional video data and IP data simultaneously.

The Evenlode Video/Audio Encoder Module is a lightweight, low power unit ruggedised for installation on to an air platform.

The Evenlode Video/Audio Decoder Module is a lightweight, low power unit ruggedised for installation on to an air platform. 

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