Airport Interference Detection (AID) Radio Direction Finding (RDF)

Airport Interference Detection RDF Enables Safety of Flight

Radio direction-finding solutions in support of Airport Interference Detection (AID) providing RF interference detection is a critical part of airport safety of flight operations. Multi-channel architecture to provide fast and accurate signal measurements for critical safety-related applications and provides high DF accuracy to ensure rapid location of interfering signals.
Field-Proven Spectrum Monitoring, Direction Finding & Geolocation

In use by more than 60 spectrum regulators and airport authorities worldwide

Wide Frequency Bandwidth and High Speed DF

30MHz to 1 GHz scanning with optional coverage down to 9 kHz and up to 8.5 GHz

High DF Accuracy and Selectable Measurement Bandwidths

DF accuracy of 2 degrees (typical), six bandwidths between 6.25 kHz and 100 kHz

Automated Alarm Capability

Automated emergency and high-priority channel monitoring and interference detection

Compact Installations and Automated Operation

Suitable for fixed, vehicle, and transportable applications – “set it and forget it” operation


Dedicated solution for ATC RDF – Fixed Site Shown

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