BLACKTALON Counter-Drone Solutions

Turnkey Counter-Drone Solutions Enable the Find, Fix, and Finish Chain

Drone proliferation drives the requirement to detect, locate, track, and defeat drone threats during military and security operations. The ability to jam every combination of GNSS, command, control, and telemetry signals, used by commercial and military drones is critical to the counter-drone mission; and jamming signals must not inhibit friendly RF signals.

Five-Band Directional Drone RF Inhibitor

Puts RF energy directly on target to jam GNSS, command, control, and telemetry signals

Software Defined Radios (SDR) Provide “Clean” Defeat

The ECS SDR is mission-designed to minimise “collateral” jamming of friendly signals

Complete Frequency and Power Control / Customisation

Jam one or more signals simultaneously at controllable power levels, customisable frequency ranges for non-standard drones

Field-proven Counter-Drone “Finish” Solutions

The Claw RF Inhibitor has been integrated into multiple C-UAS solutions and fielded globally

Maximise CONOPS Flexibility

Fixed, Mobile, Shipboard, Transportable, and Man-Portable solutions


RF Detect, Locate, Track and Defeat Capabilities

RF, Radar and EO Detect, Locate and Track, plus RF Defeat

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