Providing RCIED Countermeasures for Military and Civilian Operations

Field-proven Counter-RCIED solutions providing Force Protection for military convoys and dismounted operations, VIP transport and protection operations.

Counter Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) Solutions

Prevent the detonation of RCIEDs using vehicle-based, man-portable, and handheld RF Inhibitors

Field-Proven Counter-RCIED Solutions

Fielded for VIP, convoy, vehicle, patrol, and individual force protection

30-Year Evolution from Analog to Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

From analog white noise jammers to modern DDS-based waveforms

Rapidly Adapt to Evolving Threats

Field programmable to ensure rapid response to new RCIED threats

Maximize CONOPS Flexibility

Vehicle-based, transportable, man-portable, manpack and handheld deployment options


Wideband (20 MHz – 2.5 GHz) vehicle-mounted RF inhibitor system.

Flexible-role lightweight RCIED designed for ease of deployment. Rapidly deployable in a manpack, or a carry forward frame.

Tactical vehicle-mounted, wideband RF inhibitor providing effective response to modern RCIED threats.


PSJ3+ Counter-RCIED

Small, portable Counter-RCIED jammer for personal, and small group force protection.

Portable jamming systems designed for fast deployment in ruggedized briefcase

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