Customer Support


CommTech has a dedicated Customer Support department made up of ex-military personnel who have extensive experience in this area and can conduct all the following services.

Site Survey

CommTech will conduct site surveys at the proposed GTS and NMS locations. Detailed analysis of the proposed installation will take place where the following will be considered.

  • General site suitability
  • Antenna location
  • Spatial diversity
  • Potential interferers
  • Mast condition
  • Brackets and metal work required
  • Access
  • Cable run lengths and routes
  • Lightning protection considerations
  • Earthing
  • Power requirements
  • RF hazards
  • Weather and waterproofing

A report will be produced and a firm price on each Installation including limits of liability will be provided. Until this point any price quoted for installation should be seen as an estimate based on CommTech’s experience of typical site installations. Each installation will consist of two Customer Support Engineers.

Installation and Commissioning

Once site surveys have been completed and plans agreed CommTech personnel are able to carry out the installations. We will ensure all equipment is present once it has been delivered to site. We can brief any in country agents on the installation and commissioning activities and then complete the installation of the Evenlode equipment. Our engineers can install all equipment and steelwork on the mast/tower on the roof top and they can also install all cabling and the lightning protection. Once all activities have been completed we are able to commission the installed system ready for handover to the customer for operational use.

Maintenance Program

CommTech offers maintenance programs to their users ensuring operational down time through the year is kept to a minimum whilst ensuring the life of the equipment is maximised. We have several enabling and ongoing maintenance contracts for periods of up to ten years.


To ensure the users maximise the potential from the equipment and can use it efficiently CommTech provide a range of training programs which would be carried out by our Customer Support engineers, who have extensive experience in both the equipment and training in Military and Police environments. It is proposed that any training provided is held at a suitable facility where access to both the air and ground equipment, including NMS system, is possible.

Call Out

Should a fault occur the first line of action would be for in country agents to attend and try and solve the issue. CommTech to provide telephone support if necessary. CommTech would be available for call out on faults that cannot be solved using the first line of action.

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