HF COMINT Solutions

Tactical and Strategic HF Solutions for the Spectrum Battlespace

HF COMINT is a key element of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) – detecting and locating short- (ground wave) and long-range (skywave) signals of interest enabling the RF Common Operational Picture (COP) in support of the Electromagnetic Order of Battle.
Survey the HF Electromagnetic Spectrum

RF spectrum monitoring from 9 kHz to 30 MHz

Detect, Collect, and Locate HF Signals of Interest (SOI)

Fully integrated COMINT operations via user-friendly Blackbird GUI

Supports Short-Range and Long-Range HF Signals

The HF COMINT systems detect and locate signals using ground wave and skywave

Real-Time and Post-Facto DF and Signal Analysis

Supports interferometry and correlative interferometry DF and signal processing in real time and from recordings

Multiple Antenna Arrays Available for Flexibility

From single-element monitoring from 9 up to 24-element N-Channel DF configurations


RF signal detection, collection, processing, direction finding, and geolocation.

Tactical HF signal detection, collection, direction finding, and geolocation.

Strategic HF signal detection, collection, direction finding, and geolocation.

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