Mobile Data Terminals

The Mobile Data Terminal has been designed to be portable, lightweight and rugged.

Comprising of Handyview, Loxley and Ground Data Terminals (GDT), the Mobile Data Terminal has a high range of frequencies with video and audio product monitoring capability. 

High Range of Frequencies

Frequencies between 1.2 and 6.5 GHz; isolation between uplink and downlink frequency sets.


Compact, rugged and lightweight unit with internal power source for 3 hrs autonomous use.

Video and Audio product monitoring provided

A full set of video, audio and data breakout cables allowing presentation of downlink information in any format required.

Provided with a single IF, single RF diversity antenna solution with the LNB downconverter being line powered

Suitable for a range of static, vehicle-based or fully mobile operational requirements.

Provides decoding and monitoring

The Evenlode Ground Data Terminal provides decoding and monitoring of all signals contained within an ECS COFDM Evenlode downlink.


The Evenlode Ground Data System is a modular system that complements the Evenlode Series of Airborne Data Terminals

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