RF Detection, Location, Tracking & Defeat

  • Passive RF-Sensor detection and geo-location
  • Long range, directional multi-band RF inhibition defeat
  • Intuitive defeat
  • Automated operations
  • Fully integrated solution

The BLACKTALON capability is delivered using only fully proven TRL9 systems, proven in combat operations through multiple deployments in hostile territories and the harshest environments.

The BLACKTALON Counter-Drone System provides detection, location, identification, tracking and RF inhibition of drones. BLACKTALON Model 981 incorporates one or more RF sensors for drone detection, location and tracking and, a multi-channel RF inhibitor for drone defeat; other sensors can be integrated as needed to increase CONOPS flexibility. BLACKTALON is the result of a technology partnership between TCI International and Enterprise Control Systems (both of SPX Corporation), leveraging more than 85 years’ combined RF experience. This experience in the RF and Counter Drone domains for military applications ensures high performance, reliability and availability of the BLACKTALON Counter-Drone solution

Technical Specifications

RF Frequency Range(s)
20 MHz to 8.5 GHz

DF Methodology
Dual channel correlative inferometry using 9-element DF antennas

Geolocation Methodology
AOA, TDOA and Hybrid AOA/TDOA (multiple RF sensors required)

DF Accuracy
2° to 5° (typical) – depending on DF antenna and environment

Deployment Options
Fixed, mobile, transportable, man portable

Radio Type
Software defined radios (SDRs)

RF Frequency Range(s)
GNSS, 433 MHz ISM, 2.4 GHz ISM and 5.8 GHz ISM/WiFi

Four integrated 15 dBiC nom, circular polarised high gain one integrated 17 dBi nom, high gain log periodic

Please inquire, custom inhibition waveforms specific to the threats

Output Power
GNSS: Variable 100 mW min, 10 W max
433 MHz ISM: variable 5 W min. 33 W max. 915 MHz ISM: variable 5 W min. 33 W max
2.4 GHz ISM: variable 1 W min. 40 W max
5.8 GHz ISM: variable 1 W min. 10 W max 

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