Claw Counter-Drone

Self-Contained Directional Inhibitor System

The Claw System comprises the following:

  • Directional antenna enclosures
  • Two SDR directional inhibitor units
  • Either 2 AC, or 1 DC Power Supply Units
  • Claw positioning head
Antenna Design
  • High-gain, narrow beam width, antennas maximise the power
    density at the target threat device whilst minimising disruption
    of co-located systems.
  • In-house development allows bandwidth, polarisation and gain to be tailored to changes in threat devices identified in the field.

Product Description

The Claw Directional Inhibitor is a self-contained inhibitor system that combines the (RF) power with a high gain multi-band directional antenna system.

The Claw Inhibitor comprises of dual mast-mount units covering the 433 MHz, GNSS, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM frequency bands with RF output powers to the antennas of up to 83 W. With an aggregated RF output power to the antennas of up to 150 W. The Claw system disrupts the control, navigation and telemetry links used by UAS and can be customised for end-user requirements. Claw is a secure fully self-contained, compact system with no external signal processing or Power Amplification modules required, which insulates the solution from third-party interference and aids integration into multiple sensor systems.

Claw’s unparalleled record for long range drone defeat is in part because it is powered by an ECS designed SDR, ensuring real time, reactive and targeted power allocation within 400 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range providing intelligent RF Inhibition ensuring spectral cleanliness limiting collateral damage. The Claw targeted power comes courtesy of the quintuple band antenna system, developing up to 2350W of directed energy to defeat UAV RF Data Links. The high-gain, narrow beamwidth, 400 MHz – 6 GHz antennas maximise the power density at the target threat device whilst minimising disruption of co-located weapon and communications systems.

Interoperability is one of the major successes of the Claw RF Inhibitor’s sensor agnostic modular design. It could not be easier for an integrator looking for a layered approach, to seamlessly harmonise with third party multisensory C2 drone detection and kinetic systems, to provide ultimate operational flexibility. Proven to be robust and reliable through operational deployments, Claw benefits from multiple mounting positions, allowing it to be integrated onto fixed and manned or robotic mobile platforms. So, whether the requirement is to permanently protect CNI, repel incursion across borders, or defense of VVIPs on a platform of your choice, Claw is the ideal choice for your RF defeat solution. Because the system is a fully ECS design, minor modifications can easily be made and reworked in our mechanical workshop, if required. Selected and used worldwide, Claw delivers a world class RF Inhibition Capability for C-UAS.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Coverage
GNSS Frequencies (software defined) 433 MHz ISM (software defined)          915 MHz ISM (software defined)         2.4 GHz ISM and Wi-Fi (software defined)                                                5.8 GHz ISM and Wi-Fi (software defined)

Four integrated 15 dBiC nom circular polarised high gain                              One integrated 17 dBi nom high gain log periodic

Control Interface
RS485 (2 wire)

Power Supply
72 V DC power supply (AC input) 90-264 V AC auto-ranging                        72 V DC power supply (DC input) 16-36 V DC auto-ranging

Operational Temperature
-32° (C1) to +49° (A1) MIL-STD-810G -33° (C1) to +71° (A1) MIL-STD-810G

Dimensions (cm)
Large antenna enclosure and frame: 130 x 75 x 50 approx                            RF units and remaining antennas:      120 x 40 x 50 approx                            PSU: 40 x 23 x 15

RF units and antennas (total): 50.7 kg PSU: AC-DC: 12.3 kg                          PSU: DC-DC: 15 kg                            ECS positioner and frame: 46.3 kg


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