ITU Type 1 SUV

Type 1 stations are the most basic MMS and are based on standard
passenger cars.

  • These stations require only simple modifications, if any, and do not require a specialist workshop.
  • The system installation can be provided using existing customer vehicles onsite by TCI field engineers.

Product Description

Communication regulators throughout the world use mobile monitoring stations (MMS) extensively to perform spectrum monitoring and geolocation missions. Modern communication technologies employ broadband signals with low transmitter power resulting in dense transmitter networks. It is often not viable to build up a fixed monitoring site network to cover all low power signal areas. That is why MMS are becoming more and more critical when managing spectrum for modern communications.

TCI has previously sent kits of such mobile systems to customers for local installations. This is a simple and cost effective way to own an MMS for a variety of monitoring and interference geolocation missions.

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