ITU Type 2 SUV

TCI’s Type 2 MMS are based on 4x4 SUV-type passenger vehicles and accommodate significant spectrum monitoring and geolocation capabilities in line with ITU recommendations.

  • When considering the choice of the Type 2 MMS, the primary factors for Type 2 stations are capabilities required and available payload to install these.
  • Type 2 MMS are based on heavy-duty 4×4 utility vehicles (SUV) for improved off-road capabilities.

Product Description

Type 2 MMS vehicles undergo complex modifications to house significant mobile monitoring and geolocation capabilities on an all-terrain vehicles in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 40 GHz. A typical Type 2 MMS provides up to three operator positions, one next to the driver and two in the second row of seats. All operator positions face forward and allow comfortable operations even during larger and longer missions. Main operator positions are equipped with folding and distance adjustable worktops, dedicated worktop and ambient LED lighting. A control panel is positioned for convenience between the operator positions to monitor the onboard power status, provide control of lights and mast up/down operations among other functions. The front operator position is equipped with a rugged laptop holder, which allows homing DF and other “on-the-move” missions to be executed and monitored by both the driver and an operator.

The layout design of TCI’s Type 2 MMS balances the load added to the vehicle between the two vehicle axles. This load is carefully planned and monitored to be strictly within the vehicle manufacturer’s weigh limitations. The mast carrying TCI’s monitoring and direction finding antenna is positioned in the centre of vehicle to balance the weight perfectly between the front and rear axles. The onboard battery is positioned between the two rear operator seats on the central axis of vehicle for even weight distribution. The equipment rack and storage cabinet are placed in the vehicle’s rear trunk and ensures that weight is distributed along the vehicle as designed by the vehicle manufacturer when the MMS is on the mission in a full setting.
The onboard power system plays a critical role in the undertaking of a monitoring mission. The power must be ensured indefinitely for monitoring and geolocations systems and ensure operator comfort. Type 2 MMS is powered from at least these three power sources: (1) engine alternator, (2) onboard battery, and (3) external power working independently and in parallel. TCI’s power system ensures continuous power and seamless switching from one source to the other. On-board battery system provides autonomous and quite operations for more than 3 hours.

TCI design ensures utmost care for operator comfort and safety. Operator seating is not limited by modifications and comfort remains the same as provided by original vehicle. All equipment installation points are reinforced for unlikely scenarios during accidents. Raised mast warning system prevents accidental movement with elevated mast. Appropriate lighting ensures visibility for operations during the dark hours, inside and outside.

TCI’s Type 2 MMS is the most popular and versatile monitoring station employed by operators around the globe to conduct the most demanding missions within crowded cities and hard to access areas.

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