Model 527

Super High Gain Log- Periodic Antenna

  • Reliable communications on long-range circuits
  • High power gain — over 18 dBi
  • Wide frequency bandwidth — 4 to 30 MHz
  • Small land area — replaces rhombic twice the size
  • Low take-off angle

Product Description

Maximise gain and bandwidth with an exceptionally small structure

Highly reliable communications on long- range circuits require antennas with high power gain at low take-off angles. In addition, ionospheric variations resulting in frequent changes in frequency make a wide frequency bandwidth desirable. The conventional approach to achieve wideband, highly directive antennas has been to use multiple rhombic antennas, which rely heavily on end-fire gain to achieve their directivity and hence are quite large. Typical installations exceed 300 meters in length and require large investments in land.

Log-periodic antennas have long been desired for their wide band characteristics, efficient land use, and modest price.

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