Model 604ST

Self-Tuned Medium Wave

  • No tuning unit required
  • No base insulator
  • Shunt fed
  • Low maintenance
  • Grounded steel mast
  • Lightning resistant Alumoweld guys
  • High-quality insulators
  • Low cost

Product Description

The Model 604ST is TCI’s answer to the medium wave broadcaster’s need for a high-quality, low- maintenance antenna for up to 600 kW broadcast applications. The 604ST uses a shunt-fed, guyed and grounded mast, which requires no antenna tuning unit (ATU). Tuning is performed by adjusting the shunt feed system at the time of installation.

The elimination of the ATU and the base insulator results in a simpler, lower cost configuration. The grounded tower design increases the antenna’s resistance to lightning strikes and also allows tower obstruction lights to be fed without the use of an isolation transformer, traditionally a high- maintenance item.

The 604ST is available in fourteen frequency ranges, covering the medium wave broadcast band, marine and weather bands, and non-directional beacon frequencies from 450 to 1840 kHz. Six ranges of transmitter carrier power levels are available, from 10 kW to 600 kW.

Install a low-maintenance solution for transmitters up to 600 kW.

The 604ST is just under one-quarter wavelength in height. The radiation pattern is omnidirectional; a second mast can be added as a parasitic reflector to achieve a directional pattern. A full copper earth radial system is included with each 604ST.

The 604ST uses the same high-quality materials as all other TCI antennas. The mast is hot-dipped galvanised steel, with a triangular cross section. The guy wires are Alumoweld (aluminum coated steel), segmented as necessary by a combination of compression and long-leakage-path tension insulators. Insulator materials are glazed ceramic. No organic materials, which could elongate or deteriorate over time, are used in the 604ST.

Optional accessories for the 604ST include an RF current meter, face mounted ladder, safety climbing cable, rest platforms, ICAO obstruction lights and paint.

The 604ST normally is erected by experienced rigging crews. TCI can quote installation tools, equipment, and field engineering assistance. Where site details are known in sufficient detail, TCI can provide quotations for turnkey systems.

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