Spectrum Utilisation Solutions

Maximise Spectrum Utilisation with Automated Monitoring and Management

Every society leverages natural resources to drive economies: some with gold, some with diamonds, others have oil. The most recent natural resource stands above all others: the RF spectrum. Every country has it, and it is rapidly becoming the most important natural resource – driving significant technology and economic growth. Master the spectrum.

Master the Spectrum with Spectrum Surveyor®

Increase spectrum utilisation and license revenue via central monitoring database and analysis tools

Data Driven Intelligence for Spectrum Management & Enforcement

Move from static spectrum allocation to dynamic spectrum utilisation

Centralised Tasking and Measurement Results Database (TMRDB)

For data collected from Fixed, Mobile and Transportable SMS

Centralised Licensing Database and Management Tools

Enables data integration from Fixed, Mobile and Transportable SMS for fine grained analysis and correlation with licensing data

3D Data Visualisations and Support for 3rd-Party Data Analysis Tools

Spectrum Occupancy, Field Strength, Coverage Maps and more


ITU-compliant Spectrum Management Solutions

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