The Evenlode GDS Battery/DC Module

The Evenlode GDS Battery/DC Module provides power to portable Evenlode GDS configurations, for example Evenlode Test sets

Evenlode Ground Data System Battery/DC Module is comprised of two rechargeable Lithium Ion battery packs, integrated smart charger and output conditioning unit. 

The batteries are easily replaceable via quick release fasteners on the front panel. The integrated smart charger provides power to the ground data system whilst simultaneously charging both batteries.

Technical Specifications

218 mm x 44 mm (1U) x 350 mm
3 kg approx.

DC Input
11 VDC to 28 VDC (24 V nom).

DC Outputs
4 x 28 VDC (Individually fused).

Battery Capacity
12.4 Ah (combined).

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