Evenlode GDS RF Booster Module

The Evenlode GDS RF Booster Module is comprised of an RF Up Converter Unit and a low power PA

The RF Booster takes an input from the transceiver and generates the transmission signal at the desired frequency and power level. The Booster module is intended for use in very short range applications such as ground test equipment.

The unit is simple to operate with a single control on the front panel to cycle between low power, high power and off.

Technical Specifications

218 mm x 44 mm (1U) x 350 mm
2 kg approx.

DC Input
28 VDC (nom).

IF Input
400 MHz or 1.4GHz option.

RF Output
Configurable Frequency 10 mW or 100 mW
(user defined).

Frequency Control
via RS485 from Transceiver.

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