Evenlode Test Transceiver

The function of the Evenlode Test Transceiver is to mimic the functionality of an Evenlode air or ground platform to test and exercise Evenlode Data Terminals (EDT).

The Evenlode Test Transceiver comprises of three GDS modules: a Transceiver Module, an RF Booster Module and a Battery/DC Module. The three modules operate together to provide a bi-directional Data Link and a video and audio Data Link to test Evenlode Ground Data Terminals (GDT) or Air Data Terminals (ADT).

Key Benefits/Features
COFDM Diversity IF Receiver

The Evenlode Rack Transceiver comprises of a COFDM diversity IF receiver and a COFDM IF transmitter.

Local Control and BIT Status

The front panel incorporates a 5” LCD video monitor and a 128x64 Dot Matrix display for local control and BIT status of the Transceiver.

Transmits and Receives Real Time Video (RTV)

The Transceiver transmits and receives RTV, audio and telemetry data.

Programmed To Decrypt Incoming Stream

The Rack Transceiver can be programmed to decrypt the incoming stream.

Compatible and Flexible Use

This Transceiver can be used as part of a fixed ground station or as part of a portable ‘fly away’ system. The unit is ‘network voting’ compatible.


This module provides power to portable Evenlode GDS configurations, for example Evenlode Test sets.

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) has developed the Ground Video Monitoring System to provide video output control for a headquarters or command post.

The Network Voting System consists of multiple ground receiver sites, which may be controlled and monitored over a wide area network by ECS NVS Control Software.

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